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TalkBack for Friday, Sept. 28, 2012: Photo ID discrimination, Ellenton library outside and unwanted calls

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Photo ID

If a photo ID is discriminatory against minorities then I assume many government programs such as food stamps, Section 8, Social Security and Medicare must not require an ID or else they would be discriminatory, too.

Curb appeal

The New Ellenton library is such a nice addition to the town. However, the outside is a disgrace. A load of sod and some bushes would do wonders. It's called curb appeal.

Calls from Rachel

We have been getting Rachel from Card Holder Services phone calls for about two months. She calls between two and five times a day. We have stopped answering our phone. I wish someone would tell me how to stop her from calling.

Unwanted calls

We also get calls from Rachel at Card Holders services. She calls several times a day several times a week. Whenever you press a button to get taken off the list, they hang up. It's terribly annoying.

Make it stop

For anyone wishing to complain about calls from Card Holders Services, call the FCC at (888) 225-5322. They will tell you how to register a complaint against them.

Less cheese

Pollen suffers should stop eating hard cheese and not go outside in the early morning. Going easy on other dairy products might be helpful, as well.

Little dog

On July 4, my dachshund who is 1s4 but looks like a puppy disappeared. Could the dog dropped off on Connector Road possibly be my little dog? If you have this dog, call the Aiken Standard. I want to get in touch with you.

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