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Aiken Standard to launch improved website

Aiken Standard to launch improved website
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Readers of will notice a new look to our website beginning Tuesday morning.

We have revamped our site to make readability and usability much easier. The site introduces a cleaner look that includes larger, more readable headlines, more and better organized local content and much more.

Regular readers need not worry - we have not removed any features from the old site and have no intention of doing so.

Also, the site features more refined content, more specific content links and better-targeted RSS feeds.

A print replica edition also will be available on the site with an improved, more flexible look. Not only does it offer a replica of the newspaper in a manner that allows readers to flip through pages, but it also will allow readers to zoom in on pages and stories, as well as many more features that were not available before. Readers will be able to customize how they want to view their e-edition and get access to every story in the paper through the new features, as well as access to old editions.

The print replica edition will be available to all readers for a limited time and will be available through a link on the homepage in the upper left-hand corner.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on our improvements when the site launches. Feel to email Melissa Hanna, multimedia development director, at or call 644-2364.