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TalkBack for Monday, Oct. 1, 2012: Social Security numbers, back pain, health care tax, government intrusion and water leaks

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Not private

On courthouse records, also court record information available on the Internet, they are exposing people's Social Security numbers as if the public as a whole has a right to that information. I thought I understood from the Social Security Administration that a person is supposed to protect their Social Security number and not give it out. Therefore, why do court records have people's Social Security number on them?

No return

I just read in the TalkBack about the person who called the City of Aiken two weeks ago to report a leak. We also have had two leaks on our road that have occurred within the last month and a half. It took about three weeks to repair the first leak; the second leak is still continuing, although we called last week. The City came out and spray-painted to mark the lines and have not been back since.

On our own

This is in response to the "Government help" comment in TalkBack. You are missing the point and looking at the world backward. The government did none of the things mentioned. The people of this country did them. You talk about the government empowering you and your business, but it's the people's money, taken by force, that empowers the government. Have you ever driven through downtown Graniteville? All the schools, roads and houses were built by a business, not by the government. Who built the first roads in this country? It was people like Henry Ford. Who built the first libraries? Churches and people like Benjamin Franklin with private donations. If we keep depending on the government for things, they will be more and more involved in our lives. I own a business in Aiken, too. I did build mine.

Pending addicts

I agree with the TalkBack about kids and chiropractors; it's like a drug addiction down the road for these kids because of the pain from the back issues caused by carrying these heavy bookbags. They say they have hardly no time to go to their lockers and go to eight classes a day, and they have to carry this 21-28 pound bookbag. They also have to have to be a certain size notebooks, and that contributes to the extra weight of it.

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