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Bridge players earn bragging rights at tourney

Bridge players earn bragging rights at tourney
People from throughout South Carolina and Georgia came to Aiken for the annual Bridge Club Fall Tournament on Sunday at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center. Melanie Herbold
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People from throughout the area came out to play bridge at the Bridge Club of Aiken's Fall Tournament at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center on Sunday.

Not all of the people who showed up were from Aiken, North Augusta or Augusta, however.

"They are mainly from the South Carolina and Georgia area. There will be a bigger tournament around Halloween in Augusta that people will come far away for," tournament director Alan Brooks said.

The tournament lasted for three days, starting Friday. On Friday and Saturday, bridge was played in pairs, and on Sunday it was team play, with four people on each team. Over the course of the day, each team played seven different teams out of the 30 that were there.

It cost $22 per person to play, and the winner can potentially walk away with $10. According to Brooks, it's not about the money for those who come to play.

For winning, players can rack up master points, which are good for bragging about how good you are, according to Brooks.

"It's an ego thing," Brooks said.

As far as master points go, Brooks said that Greg Roberts is the best player in Aiken.

People came from towns such as Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Columbia, Lexington, Florence, Dublin and Martin.

"They just love the game. They're addicted to it. Some of them will go on a cruise out of Charleston just to play bridge," Brooks said.