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EDITORIAL: Thumbs up, thumbs down


To improving drought conditions - Aiken County's drought was downgraded for the first time in five months, from severe to moderate last week. The county had been listed in a severe drought since April 25. The decision was made based on feedback from multiple soil and water conservation districts and the county's 60-day rainfall total, which she said ranged from 9 inches to 14.85 inches for the 60-day period.

To new investments and jobs - These days any new investment and jobs created is good news. Last week, Bondex Inc. announced it is expanding its operations in Edgefield County with a $6.4 million investment that will create over 10 new jobs. The company makes thermally-bonded nonwoven materials.

To planning for the future - Aiken Technical College kicked off the public phase of its capital campaign last week to raise money for the Center, which will replace existing, outdated campus facilities to give students an industry-quality education.


To strikes, bad calls and big-money sports - It took several really bad calls before the NFL owners agreed to settle a strike with referees. The strike ended last week and the professional refs came back to cheering crowds and grateful players.

To leaving children in cars alone - An Aiken woman has been charged with unlawful neglect by legal custodian after she allegedly left her 2-year-old daughter in the car while she went shopping. Officers found the 2-year-old girl inside the car with the engine running, strapped into a car seat. The mother told authorities she had been shopping for about 30 minutes.