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Pub Night brings Scottish flair to The Alley

Pub Night brings Scottish flair to The Alley
The Celtic Rhythm Irish Dancers dance at the Pub Night in The Alley on Saturday. Staff photo by Melanie Herbold.
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Many Aikenites crowded in The Alley Saturday night for the St. Andrew's Society's Pub Night.

The event included a pipe band, Celtic Rhythm Irish Dancers, Scotch tasting and music by Keltic Kudzu, which had many audience members clapping along to the music. Davor's even had a special menu for the night which consisted of fish and chips.

This is the first year the Society has held this event, and the turnout was quite a bit more than they expected.

"It is four times bigger than we thought it would be," said Sue Ellis, president of the Aiken St. Andrew's Society. "The community has really gone overboard with it. It's fantastic."

The St. Andrew's Society is dedicated to Scottish and Celtic heritage.

"It's to help remind people of their Celtic and Scottish roots, and to remember the music that has developed over time that comes from the seven nations," said member Peggy Elliott, who helped organize the event.

This event isn't the only one the group has held, but not all have lasted.

"In the 1990s, the highland games were held at the Jaycee Fairgrounds, and it was all volunteering. It was too much for the same volunteers year after year, so it was stopped," Elliott said.

One event that they consistently do over the years is the Robert Burns dinner.

"We maintain the Robert Burns dinner in January, and we also have genealogy classes, which is one of our biggest draws," Ellis said.

There were many people who came out for this Scottish event, and not all were of Scottish descent.

"I believe everyone has some Scottish in them, either they have Scottish blood or wish that they had it. It's a fun way of life," Elliott said.