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Escapites help power Skaneateles past Barrington

The Escapites, Pelon and Ulysses, helped to pace Skaneateles to a 10-9 victory over Barrington on Friday in the Aiken Polo Club's USPA Copper Cup 12 goal at Meadow Hill. Skaneateles raised their record to 2-0 in the tournament with Barrington dropping to 1-1.

Good defense helped to preclude offensive opportunities from developing during the first two chukkers. Pelon Escapite opened the game's scoring in the first chukker, as he converted a 40-yard penalty shot, the first of his 7 goals. Barrington would answer with a goal from the field, the first of Antonio Galvan's 6 goals in the game.

Skaneateles would continue to apply the pressure in the first half as the teamwork between Pelon and Ulysses Escapite would create a series of scoring chances as Skaneateles scored the next 3 goals from the field, Pelon Escapite in the 2nd and 3rd, and Caesar Jimenez in the 3rd, staking Skaneateles to a 4 goal advantage. Barrington would break their scoring drought in the 3rd chukker as Galvan successfully converted a 30-yard penalty shot. Skaneateles received one goal because of the handicap differential.

"Barrington is always a tough team," said Pelon Escapite. "Owen (Rinehart) and Antonio are really good players, and have all of the experience in the world. We managed to stay focused and maintained our edge."

The second half was punctuated by a number of penalties with the preponderance going against Skaneateles. Barrington was able to draw even after 4 chukkers, with Antonio Galvan scoring 3 goals in the chukker including launching a 60-yard penalty shot through the uprights. Justin Pimsner was able to pick the opposition's pocket and scored his first goal of the game. Ulysses Escapite showcased his mastery of the mallet by shaking off defenders to score providing Skaneateles with a temporary 1 goal lead, before Galvan picked up his 3rd goal of the chukker.

Skaneateles' organization was critical in the second half, and their mounts made a huge difference. Pelon Escapite scored successive goals, the first from the field and the second was a rocket that sailed through the uprights from 60-yards out. Justin Pimsner reduced the Skaneateles lead to 1 goal going into the final chukker.

"Those are the mares that I play in Florida in the high goal (the horses from his string that he played in the second half)," said Pelon Escapite. "I always save them to play in this tournament. It's a big tournament for us. We've played together for three years and have made the finals, but lost. But, we always keep the horses fresh to play in this tournament."

Barrington's Justin Pimsner scored from the final chukker's opening bowl-in.

Teamwork between the Escapites was among the highlights showcased during the second half, and Ulysses Escapite's assist on the first of Pelon Escapite's goals in the final chukker would help to set the tone in the period. A successful penalty no. 3 conversion by Antonio Galvan capped the game's scoring.