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TalkBack: unemployment, mosquitoes and national problems


We need some people at the Aiken unemployment office who can understand what you're talking about and who know how to do their job.

News stories

Why was the story about our ambassador being killed in Libya on page 10A and a story about some guy pleading guilty to burglary on the front page? Don't you see the big story? We are being attacked all over the Middle East, and you are not covering it.

Down the drain

During my lifetime, there were two times the United States was on the brink of disaster. One was the Germans nearly had the atomic bomb before we did. We sunk the barge carrying the materials to build one. Second was the Cuban Missile Crisis. We had a plane with the bomb to drop on Cuba, and it was turned back during the last minutes. Nuclear war was that close to those who remember. Today, we are $16 trillion in debt and few seem to worry about it. When the bankruptcy occurs, we will become like Greece is today. After watching the conventions, all I see is us going further down the drain. We can't continue as we are going now with just hope and patience and think everything will be just fine with no major changes. Someone tell me how this can turn around.


I had to ask myself, "Who would have guessed that we have so many sick perverts in our beautiful community to even warrant a sex ring?" Shame they weren't caught as well.

Mosquito bites

I have literally not been able to step outside my door without getting numerous mosquito bites. I've been forced to stay inside all summer. The City of Aiken is clueless, as usual, and its mosquito control AWOL - even though one death from West Nile virus has already occurred in the county. Oh, and I live in Woodside - not out in the country somewhere. Aiken needs to wake up and provide some services once in awhile.

Get out now

In reference to the attacks in Afghanistan. It's time to get our men out now, not later.

Big yellow signs

What's with all these huge yellow signs popping up all over Aiken?