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Barrington defeats Mt. Brilliant in Continental Cup

A strong second half, and an opening game loss to Bendabout in the 302 Polo USPA Continental Cup 16 goal tournament, served as the impetus for Barrington to be on the top of their game Thursday afternoon at Meadow Hill. Barrington would go onto win 11-9.

"We wanted to get started," said Owen Rinehart of Thursday's game as Barrington was looking to regroup after their loss to Bendabout.

However, it was anything but easy for either Barrington and Mt. Brilliant as they battled one another in the early going with the teams trading goals, Juan Monteverde and Willie Hartnett for Mt. Brilliant and Antonio Galvan and Adam Snow for Barrington. The two teams continued to battle as Barrington's Owen Rinehart and Mt. Brilliant's Bo Goodman answered each other with goals as the intensity in the first 2 chukkers made it appear that the match up was going to be a formidable challenge.

It seemed as if Mt. Brilliant may have been the slightly better of the two teams in the first half as Monteverde and Julian Daniels would score during the 3rd chukker. But Barrington would counter punch, never letting their opponent get too far ahead on points, as Antonio Galvan would score his 2nd and 3rd goals of the game in an impressive 6 goal performance.

Mt. Brilliant's Bo Goodman departure from the game at half time, changed the makeup of the roster, as Goodman was replaced by Sal Torres.

And although Barrington's Antonio Galvan and Adam Snow would score goals in the 4th chukker. The lineup change for Mt. Brilliant would yield instant dividends as Hartnett, Monteverde and Sal Torres capitalized on the offensive opportunities, finishing their plays, but knew their work was from far over.

"I think we changed in the middle of the game," said Rinehart, "They had to change because Bo Had to leave, and they scored three consecutive goals. It gave their team a different look."

Barrington regrouped, and found themselves successfully executing a game plan that would generate additional scoring chances. Their strategy worked as they outscored Mt. Brilliant 3-1 in the 5th chukker, with two goals coming off the mallet of Galvan, and another from Adam Snow, who picked up his 3rd goal of the game.

"We played better in the second half," said Rinehart. "Adam and I got together, made a few plays, and that gave us some chances."