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TalkBack for Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012: Pee Wee fee, wallet returned, Bible reading and underwear ads

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Pee Wee fee

Why are they charging kids kindergarten to 12th grade $2 to get in to Pee Wee football games?

Morning commercials

I am tired of seeing underwear ads on TV early in the morning before my kids go to school.

Silver Bluff mess

I just don't understand this Silver Bluff mess. Until you stop playing politics and build a connector road to Whiskey, nothing is going to work to relieve the traffic. You're still going to have the same flow. You may have a turning lane, but that's not going to change much. You're still going to be stuck in traffic waiting to turn or waiting for traffic to die down from people going to Whiskey Road. Quit wasting taxpayers' money and do it. As many times as it's been designed, it could've been paid for by now.

Returned wallet

I'd like to thank the person who found my boyfriend's wallet and turned it in to the sheriff's department. I'd also like to thank the sheriff's department for bringing the wallet back to our home personally. Thank you all so much.

Heavy backpacks

I agree totally with the backpacks. My little nephew is in the third grade and the books are so heavy. I also have a nephew in the 11th grade and his history book alone is 20 pounds. I cannot understand it. I agree with the statement about chiropractors getting paid.

Read the scripture

The person referring to Matthew 7:26 needs to open their Bible if they have one and read the scripture for themselves. That scripture does not even mention tongues.

Use the fair grounds

While I understand why Aiken's Makin' can't be held at H. Odell Weeks Activities Center - it can't accommodate thousands of people as well as the crafters and has nowhere near enough parking - I do wonder if it could be held at the Jaycees Fairgrounds. I would also love to see it held a little later in the month when it's not so hot. I didn't go this year because of the heat.

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