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TalkBack for Sept. 25, 2012: Helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, shooting range

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Help the homeless

We've taken care of the animals; they got a nice shelter. We need to start looking after homeless people and give them a nice shelter. I'd appreciate if you would think about the men, women, boys and girls who don't have homes; we are our brother's keeper. Let's look after them now that we've taken care of the animals.

Feed the hungry

There are many agencies in Aiken to help the starving people. They are the Golden Harvest Food Bank, Christ Central, the Salvation Army and many churches just to name a few. All people have to do is go to these places and ask for food.

Photo ID

Today, I went to get a flu shot. Guess what? I had to show my insurance card and my photo ID before they would even let me fill the papers out. There must be a reason why people are against a photo ID, everywhere I go I have to show mine. I think that's only fair.


This a reply to the TalkBack about restrooms for the elderly. What is this world coming to? Maybe one day his young son may be waiting for him to come out of a restroom when he gets older. This is ridiculous.

Traffic stop

A state trooper was filmed at a traffic stop on a busy highway. The trooper failed to realize that a commercial vehicle while pulling a trailer was out of line. That should have been the focus of the trooper's stop; the commercial vehicles that was out of line nearly killed him. Why are they focusing on cars when we have such crummy commercial vehicles on the roads?

Shooting range

Someone should investigate how anyone could be running a shooting range on the corner of the Rudy Mason Parkway and Willow Run Road when it is located within yards of local residences? This range is being utilized any day of the week, including early Sunday morning as I am leaving to go to church. There are no signs posted indicating there is a shooting range. I just wonder if this individual even has a license or permit to operate this range. Surely they can find a more suitable place to run such a business.

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