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TalkBack: Animal cruelty, wildlife and appreciate older people

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It really disturbs me how some people can open their car doors on a back road and leave their dog. This is for the person who left their Dachshund puppy on Connector Road. I hope you haven't slept all week, because you really don't deserve this animal.

Appreciate elders

I'd like to say that I read so much in the Aiken Standard about older people - their driving and how slow they are in stores - that I just want all these young people to remember that, without old people there wouldn't be any young people in this world. So praise God, and thank God for the old people.


The federal government is ending wild wolf protection? C'mon, government, let's get rid of welfare and food stamps. I think wolves are more important. People who take advantage of food stamps get three carts in a grocery store and pull up in a brand new Cadillac. What's wrong this picture? Who's going to take care of a beautiful animal that will be extinct in years to come?

We love it here

I married in 1952 and moved to Aiken in 1953. We raised our children here and have watched Aiken grow from dirt roads. As we are retired in Woodside, we love the community, restaurants and arts the newcomers have brought with them. It takes growth to develop into a thriving community. We love it here. Learn to love and not hate.