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TalkBack for Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012: Welfare, automation, government and cats in the pool


Middle class citizens pay taxes. If you are receiving a government payment, you are on welfare.


When you try to call somebody to talk about a problem you get, all you gets an automated system. It wants you to press this or that. Why can't you just get on the phone and talk to somebody like it was in the old days? Computers have gotten everything messed up. You can't talk to anybody anymore. What is the matter with the United States?

Card holders

How many of you get frequent phone calls from "Racheal at Card Holders Services?" I always hang up right away. Is this a scam, or is it a legitimate service? I was wondering if anyone out there is having the same experience and wondering the same thing? Perhaps someone knows about this or knows how to stop these calls.

Cats in the pool

This is in relation to the TalkBack, "Cats can't swim." Cats can too swim. Most of them don't like water but I have two cats that jump in the pool every day. They're an oddity, but cats can swim.

Move Makin'

I'd like to know why Aiken's Makin' can't be at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center. It would be out of inclement weather, hot weather and rainy weather.


I appreciate the woman that has run a business in Aiken for 30 years for her fine compliment of our government, but I think she forgot some major points. Women fought in this country for the right to vote; it was not handed to them. Our schools are mostly paid for by the school taxes that are paid for by homeowners of that county with a little bit of federal funding for lunches. Our public libraries are built by our taxes that we pay to the city or county that we live in, not by our federal government. Our roads are paid for by you and I in the taxes that we pay for practically $4 a gallon for gasoline. Our fine public safety officers are, once again, paid out of the taxes that we pay to the city and county, not our federal government. As far as the communication system being taken care of by our government, they have Internet in Syria, Lybia, Cairo and Iran where all the fighting is going on and their government is not very stable. Tax payers dollars, once again. If you think the government takes care of everything, let our politicians try it without the tax dollars that come from money we earn every day to pay their salaries.

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