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TalkBack for Sept. 19, 2012: Simpler time, ASTV, still leaking, pot holes and no barbecue

Time passed

Where I was born, there was no North or South. Where I was born, there were no people of color or ethnicity or belief or other such prejudice. My father would (figuratively) have killed us. There were only neighbors, friends, school acquaintances and nice people who brought new flavor to your life experience. In the aftermath of 9/11, for a brief moment, we had a keyhole view of those people and that time. How sad that it has passed.


ASTV might as well go off the air. I have tried to get First Baptist Church services first two Sunday nights. Last week was a repeat. This week, nothing but nothing but dumb music repetitions for an hour with ASTV across the screen. What gives?


I called the City of Aiken almost two weeks ago now to report a leak. They did come out immediately. However, the leak is continuing a rapid pace and no one has been back since.

Gas Buddy

Gas prices are getting worse. It's pitiful when I have to go to Gas Buddy and find out where I'm going to go to get gas.


I think Mr. Spradley deserves recognition for as long as he worked for the county.

Pot holes in disguise

Was it necessary for the road crew to make pot holes disguised as man hole covers on Pine Log Road all the way from Kennedy Middle to Powerhouse Road? The pot holes are in line with the driver's wheels, and you hit every single one of them.

Great job

Thank you and great job to the Aiken police for the recent drug bust. Now, let's hope the court system carries through and keeps these career criminals in jail for a long time instead of letting them out through a revolving door.

Poor planning

Regarding article on good food for a great cause for the barbecue cook-off, there was no food. We got there, they had beans left. After spending money to get into the event, we ended up having to go have lunch at another place. Very poor planning, I was very disappointed in the event.


The City of Aiken needs to focus more on the drainage issues downtown.

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