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TalkBack for Sept. 17: IRS, Telemarketers, Epileptic drivers

Wrath of the IRS

It is sad that people who proudly voted for Obama are being fed so many desperate lies. If Romney didn't pay taxes, don't you think the IRS would be part of the story? He has paid around 13 percent and gives at least 10 percent to charity every year. Some people tell lies to try and make themselves look better, don't they? Please consider this: If you became ill, and needed a trusted person to take care of your affairs and kids and grandkids, which relative would you ask? The one with the big smile, great stories and big hugs, but cannot hold onto a nickel, keep a job and lies and blames others when he gets into trouble? Or the one who is steady, honest, dependable and helps you out when you need him?


We get every bit as many "telemarketing" calls now as before the "Do Not Call" program started by the FCC and FTC. It took the marketers less than two days to get around the regulations and make the bureaucratic bunch look like idiots. They simply put calls out by computer from a blanked number - and ask you to punch a number to get the message. When you do call the number to complain, that number is also blanked - and you have initiated the call. They have you either way - you have lost. Doesn't anybody complain to the FCC (part of big government) and ask for some meaningful action? Why not? Give up? Call - and write - and tell your representative!

Oil prices

I thought the oil prices were supposed to be coming down. There's no hurricane in the Gulf so what's the excuse now?

Chiropractors for kids

The public school systems must be getting a kickback from the chiropractors and back surgeons. My son is in the sixth grade and his backpack with all his books in it weighs 20 pounds.

Epileptic drivers

Can you drive with epilepsy even though you're taking medication and still having seizures? Is that allowed?

Loving Aiken

I was born in the North but have moved to Aiken, and I love this town. There are differences in some ways but rudeness is the same whether you live in the North or South. Constant harping about the differences keeps us polarized. Those who truly love Aiken for its diversity and beauty are happy to live here. We know the weather will be hot in the summer and temperate in the winter. I, for one, thank God our great country has no borders between the states. We can make our home anywhere and we pay taxes in the county we have chosen to live in. I can only pray that, one day, if you must move north for any reason, you will be welcomed graciously and kindly.

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