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TalkBack for Sept. 16, 2012: Elk Eagle Originals, College Acres yard waste and Jim Vause

Elk Eagle

There is an interesting new business in downtown Aiken, Elk Eagle Originals, an authentic Native American jewelry and arts and crafts store. Everything from feather art, beadwork, basketry, pottery, wall art, candles, teas, etc. - all Native American in origin. The owners, Ron Colombe and his wife, Kit, share a wealth of Native American lore and history with whomever enters the store. They are at 127 Laurens St. N.W. Ron is Lakota of the Sioux Tribe and was born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Stop into the unique new business if you want to see a one-of-kind business in Aiken that handles Native American wares and offers and educational experience, as well.

Killing the grass

I live on Powderhouse Road and get my trash collection from College Acres Public Works. They do not pick up my yard trash. My neighbor cut my grass on March 31 of this year and the yard trash is still out there. Last year, they left it out so long that the grass died under that portion.


In a recent article about the Aiken County Democratic Party fundraiser, the vice president, Teresa Harper, was quoted as saying, "if Romney and Ryan get in, I'm under 55. I'll be stuck with a Medicare voucher. It's not right." Well, that is flat out not true. People younger than 55 will be able to choose whether they want to stay on the original Medicare plan or have a voucher. It's a choice.


There is a nice guy running for sheriff and his name is Jim Vause. He is a Christian, has a lot of experience, is a retired Army veteran, is a true conservative and is also educated. He is running as the write-in for Aiken County Sheriff.

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