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TalkBack for Sept. 15, 2012: Mosquito control, bar noise and sincerest thanks

Mosquito control

Tell me again what the City of Aiken is planning to do to control mosquitoes. The last thing I read was that they were not spraying for mosquitoes right now. This is a bad year for mosquitoes, and it seems spraying is needed more than ever.

Bar flies

Our neighborhood is located directly behind Wing Stop. The bar they added behind the restaurant has been the source of great annoyance for us all. The motorcycles revving their engines and loud music booming late into the night wakes up our children. This starts almost like clockwork about 10:30 p.m. every night. The owners need to do something to get this under control.

Pay it forward

I live on the Southside in an apartment, with my baby daughter who is just a few months old. Recently, while still having the "It's A Girl" ribbon on my door, I was feeding my daughter and someone knocked on the door. A gentleman I had never met before was standing there, and he told me that he and his wife had once lived in the same apartment. He said they had shared many good memories in that same apartment and have had many wonderful years together since. He said he was driving by the apartment and noticed the ribbon on the door. He then handed me $100. With tears in my eyes I tried not to take it, but he insisted. I am sure he couldn't begin to imagine how much that money helped out with our finances. I hope he reads this so I can say to him thank you so much and may God bless. In my state of shock I didn't catch his name, but his actions will never be forgotten and I hope I can one day do the same for someone.

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