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TalkBack for Sept. 14: Tickets, mosquitoes, Sue Roe and Jim Vause

Over the hump

I want to ask Sheriff Hunt something; I want to know how someone can be parked in the middle of the road after dark with no lights on and nothing happens. However, you can get a $150 ticket when you pop up over a hump and someone's sitting there. No lights on, three drunks in the vehicle and they're going to give you a $150 ticket? I sure would like to know how they came up with that. As to the rest of those who were in the other vehicle, are you going to be sitting in a road over a hump? This happened in Windsor. The vehicle had no lights on, a drunk outside the truck and another woman going to hand me her license when the other man was driving. She wasn't even driving. Didn't he have a license?

Swamp land

I have family that lives in Woodside and I live in Houndslake. The mosquitoes are so bad in those two places, I'd rather live in a swamp.

Re-elect Roe

Sue Roe should be reelected as probate judge. The office of probate judge should not be a training ground for a rank amateur or someone whose ego is bigger than her experience. Jane Page Thompson is unqualified. This is a serious office that affects people's lives. She should under no circumstances be allowed to take that office.

Vote Vause

Jim Vause is running for sheriff against Mike Hunt and he is a write-in candidate. Write in Jim Vause for sheriff on Election Day.

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