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TalkBack: National Geographic, Vause, Plant problems

National Geographic

We at Aiken High School are very much interested in the offer of the National Geographic magazines mentioned in TalkBack. Aiken High would like to make arrangements to get those. Mr. West is the contact person at Aiken High.

Open your eyes

For all you people who complain every hour of every day about President Obama, open your eyes and minds and shut your mouth, and you'll see what he has done and is doing to bring this country back to its greatness. Three years is not enough to clear up eight years of damage. Stop following John B. Romney and Lyin' Ryan. Under their plan, only rich Republicans will benefit. You poor and middle class Republicans will suffer right along with the Democrats. Try being cool, stop being a fool, remember Christ and remember what politics did to him. God bless you.

Jim Vause

To the person in the Aiken Standard who was looking to have someone else running for sheriff of Aiken County, we do have someone. His name is Jim Vause. He and the 200 other people who were disqualified this year have to be a write-in thanks to our laws. But write his name in November and let's see a change in Aiken County.

Plant problem

People plant nice little shrubs real close to the edge of the road. They look so nice and they're small. They keep people from having to edge and they dress up their property, but as time goes on those little plants become big plants and the big plants spill out into the road. They're taking up part of the traffic space and it makes it very difficult for people to get through without trashing their cars. My point is that if you plant plants so that they spill out into the road, you need to trim them back so that they will not be in the roadway. The roadway is public property, not personal property.

The bad apples

For the Northerners in the Aiken area, most locals are gracious and great people. But, there is always a bad apple in the bag. The people from "up yonder" have been called Yankee, transplant and implant. One of the demented locals will call us insurgents next. In case you cannot tell time, the Civil War ended 150 years ago (for most people). If the residents of Woodside and Cedar Creek were to go back "up yonder," downtown Aiken would resemble downtown Newberry. Not a pretty sight, I assure you.

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