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Book signing scheduled for "Burnt Yellow and Red"

Book signing scheduled for "Burnt Yellow and Red"
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S. B. Newman, of Charleston, will sign copies of the book titled "Burnt Yellow and Red" for six days in Fort Jackson.

Inspired by actual events, Burnt Yellow and Red is a modern war story of men, true patriots all, thrust into an ancient and destructive world ruled by warlords. USAF SMSgt Kyle Black is part of a vital mission into Afghanistan, their unit playing a pivotal role in establishing US efforts after 9/11. Kyle and the team serve as a snapshot of the US military while allowing readers to see these soldiers as more than cogs in a military machine.


"His body was numb, and he could still smell the dust and smoke from the barrage. The world wrapped itself in a prism of brilliant colors, burnt yellow and red, as Kyle slipped into a deep, comfortable sleep—feeling no pain, feeling no fear."

The event will be held August 7 through August 12 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day at Fort Jackson Main PX Shopping Center Complex. The address for the event is Bldg 411 Moseby St, Ft. Jackson, SC.

For more information, contact James Branscum at (888) 361-9473 or email