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Arthurs celebrate 69 years together

On July 4, 2012, Ted and Ellen Arthur of Warrenville celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. A drop-in was held on June 30 at the home of their daughter, Bonnie Goff (Billy Goff). The occasion was hosted by their children, Bonnie Goff and Cherry Glisson, and granddaughter, Tina Sherrod. A number of family and friends came by to congratulate them and express their love for the couple, and, as one guest stated,"You are an inspiration to the younger generation that a couple CAN make marriage work." They attribute their long successful marriage to their love for each other and their faith in Jesus Christ, "He has been our glue that holds us together; we could not have made it without Him." They have been faithful members of Breezy Hill Baptist Church since 1970 and made their home in Warrenville most of their married life. Besides their two daughters, they have three grandchildren, Tina Sherrod, David Glisson and Chris Goff; four great grandchildren, Clayton and Brandon Sherrod and Sydney and Nicole Goff.

Asked what they would do over if they could do it again and their answer was "not a thing God has been so good to us and our family, we just give Him praise for His blessings!"