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Sharing a blessing, a few thoughts on recent events

There was an extra parade the Sunday before Christmas on Martintown Road. There were young people in white robes walking behind one person carrying a cross, and others of every age group followed as they walked from St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church to the Sterling House Assisted Living.

What a beautiful sight to behold during the Christmas season, and what a blessing it was for the residents as this group walked into the Sterling House, following their minister, singing as they found a place to stand or sit. They led the residents in many Christmas songs, followed by communion for all.

This was the first time in over a year that Marion and I had the opportunity for communion, and we felt blessed. Following communion, the members reached out to every resident with words of encouragement and love. The best presents are not always wrapped in ribbons and sparkling paper; they come when people share their talents and time to make life happier for those less fortunate as the members of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church of North Augusta did on the Sunday before Christmas at the Sterling House for Assisted Living.

A better government

There was an ad in The Star from the Republican Party asking for qualified residents to enter the race for local political offices. It would be great if there were three people vying for every office. We have had many good people as mayor and city councilpersons, but competition makes better government. So encourage those you think would be a good candidate to offer their services to serve the city.

What is your opinion on limiting the years one can remain in office? We have congressmen who have been in office so many years it seems like they become complacent. New blood, new ideas, new energy - just maybe this would make for a better government on every level.

Rate increase

Here we go again. A service we must have, and with uncertainty regarding employment, salaries and retirement, South Carolina Electric & Gas gets the unanimous approval from the Public Service Commission for an overall increase in retail electric revenues. The monthly bill of a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity can increase by $2.59.

SCE&G previously requested rates that would have been nearly a $7 per 1,000 kilowatt hour increase - do they go with the big numbers first to make the final amount seem small? The name and phone number of every member of the Public Service Commission should be published every time they vote for a rate increase to allow every citizen an opportunity to call and complain to them, as complaining to our elected politicians have produced no results.

I heard one senior citizen make the statement that it seems it would be easier to just go on welfare, like hundreds of others, young and old, and let everyone else worry about providing all the necessities for their "living well." Pretty soon, there will not be enough "workers" to pay the bills.