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Talkback: Pay a fine, lost dog, Fixing the programs

Pay a fine

I think people in New Ellenton who have land and don't keep their land cut should be held accountable. They should be charged for it, and the land needs to be cleaned up. They need to pay a fine or something.

Lost dog

If you have any information concerning the white Pomeranian that was picked up off Dougherty Road this past week, please call one of the numbers on the flyers at the end of Dougherty Road or call the SPCA. There's a large reward for anyone who helps find this little animal.

Fixing the programs

To those on the right who want to attack the social programs, be careful what you wish for. I'm sure a lot of the people that were in the bread lines in 1929 were once well-to-do. Do away with the fraud and the people who don't deserve these benefits, and your programs would be fine.

Do it right

The new Laurens Street bridge will be there for decades. I'd rather it be built right than on time.

Keep out

I don't care how many people have to flee from Syria or any of those countries. I don't want them coming to the USA.


To the one talking about more bathrooms, consider having separate bathrooms for the elderly. That wouldn't look good. What do you want, to go back to the old days, the '40s and '50s and '60s? That's what it seems like to me. More bathrooms would really solve the problem.

Need a hookah bar

I think Aiken needs a hookah bar, a real big one right on the Southside.

Slowly falling

Well, I see those wonderful gas stations are at it again. The prices are falling. When they were going up, they sure were quick to get them up there, when they're going down, they sure are slow to get a man with a pole up there to change the numbers. C'mon Aiken, let's unite.

Pear donation

Tell people that have pear trees - a lot of country people do and they go to waste - to please gather them up and take them to Golden Harvest Food Bank. They can use that fresh fruit. I know people who let thatfruit drop and go to waste. Please pick them up, and take them to help someone else.

Northerners love Aiken

Northerners moved here because we love the South, love Aiken. We love the people.