Letters to the editor for Nov. 8

  • Posted: 11/13/2012 8:04 PM
    6/1/2013 6:17 PM

Memories of the late Dr. Curly Watson

I was sad to learn of the death or Dr. W.G. Watson who died on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 102 years old. I kept seeing him a couple of times as my doctor when he was 100. Our children, Scott and Jane, are both "Watson babies." I will never forget him visiting me at our house after I went home from the hospital a couple of weeks after our son was born.

In those days, mothers were kept in the hospital for almost a week. That has really changed. Of course, son Scott managed not to be a New Years' baby or a tax deduction since he was born on Jan. 5, 1964! We were afraid we were going to be snowed in and bridges would be iced over on Dec. 31, so we spent the night at the motel then across the street from the old University Hospital. To no avail, I might add. Anyway, we are very thankful for Scott, regardless. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and is now the director of parks, recreation and tourism in Newberry, where he and wife Jody live with their five children, Brook, Joshua, Bremen, Shield and Bethany.Anne and Gene Sawyer

Offering a salute to our veterans

Veterans Day will be this Sunday. Hopefully, with the elections over, everyone will turn their thoughts to the veterans of our armed services, who protected our right to have free elections.

The old Armistice Day was to commemorate the end of World War I on Nov. 11,1918, at 11 a.m. There was one group of South Carolinians who fought in World War I whom you may have never heard of. The 371st Infantry Regiment was part of the 93rd Infantry Division (Colored). The majority of the men in the 371st were African-Americans from South Carolina. They were the first American troops to fight in World War I. They were put with French units and used French weapons but kept their American uniforms.

During the fighting in the Champagne offensive between Sept. 28 and Oct. 6, 1918, the regiment's losses, which were mostly in the first three days, were 1,065 out of 2,384 actually engaged. The regiment was one of the most forward units of the attacking army in this great battle.

For its extraordinary service in the Champagne offensive, the entire regiment was awarded the Croix deGuerre with Palm. In addition, three of the officers of the 371st were awarded the French Legion of Honor, 123 men won the Croix deGuerre, and 26 earned the Distinguished Service Cross. Cpl. Freddie Stowers of Sandy Springs was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Cpl. Stowers' CMH was finally presented to his sisters by President George H.W. Bush at a White House ceremony.

All of the American veterans of World War I are gone now, and many World War II veterans die every day. Let us not forget them or those of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other war, conflict or peacekeeping mission.

When you see the veterans in the North Augusta Christmas parade this year, give them a salute. They've earned it. And when our country's flag goes by, stand up and salute it. That flag is still flying over a free nation because veterans across our land defended it.Harry Thomason

Did you vote for USA or something else?

When you read this, the most important presidential election in our lifetime will have been decided. This 2012 election was never about political parties. It had nothing to do with race. It was not about how your parents or grandparents voted, not about how your friends and peers voted. It was not about Christianity, Islam, Mormonism or any other religion. It was not about ObamaCare or RomneyCare, not about the secret service and ICE sex scandals, the veto of the Keystone pipeline or the Libya cover up. It had nothing to do with rich or poor, the upper class, middle class or any other class. It was not about the "swing states" or who won the debates. It was not even about Bain Capital, the unprecedented national debt, down-graded credit rating and unemployment.

Rather, it was about your clear choice for the future path of America's moral and social conscience. It was about the kind of American beliefs, principles and values we adults will now hand over to our sons and daughters, our grandsons and granddaughters during "our watch." Your vote has determined which of the characteristics that you and I will pass onto our children and grandchildren. Very simply, it was about "God and Country," nothing more, nothing less! So, what was your choice?

In God We Trust, One Nation under God versus an absence, removal of God.

The U.S. Constitution as the law of the land versus a redefined law of the land.

America's founding fathers of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Franklin and Hamilton versus the president's founding fathers of Frank Marshall Davis, Stanley Armour Dunham, William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Edward Said, Jeremiah Wright and Roberto Unger.

The American flag versus the new flag of "change"

Retaining the name the United States of America versus renaming our nation to Soviet America.

Retaining the individual names of Middle Eastern countries versus collectively renaming them the United States of Islam.

Standing firmly with Israel versus abandonment of Israel.

Appointing bipartisan, conservative judges versus appointment of additional liberal judges to the Supreme Court

Establishing an annual federal budget as required by law versus uncontrolled government spending Returning to America's AAA credit rating versus a continued decline in America's credit rating.

Definition of marriage being between a man and woman versus anything is acceptable.

Independence versus dependence.

Freedom of speech versus a muzzle.

Freedom of choice, opportunity versus government regulations, standardization.

A vote, a voice versus silence.

Accomplishment versus complacency.

Achievement versus apathy.

Productivity versus slothfulness.

Success versus accepted failure.

The American dream versus spreading the wealth around.

Freedom, liberty, patriotism versus government enslavement.

I refer you to the recent bold and encouraging statement by Dr. Billy Graham, "I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel. Vote for biblical values this Nov. 6, and pray with me that America will remain one nation under God." Did America follow this respected and wise man's guidance and advice?

Truly, the entire 2012 presidential election came down to one question, one essential belief that all Americans must have commonly shared in order for America to remain "the land of the free and the home of brave." Before voting, "We the People," the American electorate, should have observed a moment of silence; allowing your mind and heart to clearly envision and reflect on the countless thousands upon thousands of grandparents, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, family and friends who have been laid to rest beneath the glistening white crosses at Arlington National Cemetery to a 21-gun salute and the echoes of "Taps."

Then you should have asked yourself just one question - "Am I as committed to America and those patriotic heroes, as much as, those Americans were committed to me"?

I hope we all realize that we are alive and free only because they defended and died for you and me! "We the People" owe every one of them; we are accountable to each of them. Each one now knows how you voted. Did you vote for them and their ultimate sacrifice for freedom, for liberty and for America? Or did you betray them and vote for something else?

Regardless of the results of this 2012 presidential election, it is imperative that Americans stand up and remain firm about Biblical and moral values and principles.

For that is our only hope that America will remain one nation under God.

This is the U.S.A., the United States of America and that it shall remain! May God find it in His heart to somehow continue to bless our nation of America.William "Bill" Thweatt