Downtown developments for Nov. 8

  • Posted: 11/13/2012 8:04 PM
    6/1/2013 6:16 PM

A few weeks ago I wrote about being called to Anderson for the process of possibly being selected as a juror on a federal case. I also mentioned the cost of such a trip, wondering how it could be affordable. Well, I applied to be excused, and much to my utter amazement they excused me. I do feel a bit guilty for not being able to go; after all it is my civic duty, but going into debt to do it was not an option. Maybe another time will come on that, or another jury closer to home and this absence can be rectified.

Week before last the subject of abuse of power by a law enforcement officer was the topic of my column. Evidently the department in question thought there was enough to investigate, and they assigned an investigator to look into the matter. Also evidently it is OK to be falling down drunk in a public place when you are law enforcement, and it is OK to want to exchange "pictures" on your phone, and it is OK to text a person over and over in the same day, bordering on stalking, because a slap on the wrist and a warning to stay out of the place in question was the punishment received. I just hope someday we don't read about this officer having done something far worse to a female, because his department did not stand up, and by the way, he did not take the stay away orders seriously; he's been back twice.

Rosemary Hall is getting some much needed renovation. The two screened-in porches on the back of the house, which were an addition to begin with, have been torn off, and I can only assume they will be replaced, since those porches were a great selling point for the upstairs and downstairs back rooms. In 2009 a gentleman came to North Augusta to look at both houses and made subsequent trips for that same purpose. He especially loved Lookaway. His name was Buzz Harper, and I have never met a truer Southern gentleman - all, gray hair in a pony tail, typical white suit, ornate cane and always a hat where appropriate. He always appeared with a driver, the way the old timers used to. I so wanted him to be able to purchase one, if not both, of the homes, but it never came to be. We spoke a few times after the houses were sold but lost contact after that. So when Lookaway was put on the market, I tried to contact him, as I said. I was devastated to learn that he had died last year. He left behind a son, Arrolyn, and a daughter, Charlotte, plus many good friends, including Anne Rice and Nicholas Cage. Buzz loved antiques, living the old Southern way, formal dinner parties, renovating the old charming homes and just being that lovely Southern gentleman that he was.