Brookgreen is a two-street subdivision

  • Posted: 11/7/2012 4:22 PM
    6/1/2013 6:17 PM
Brookgreen is a two-street subdivision

Brookgreen subdivision is located off Martintown Road. Made up of mainly two roads - Brookgreen and Shawnee - the subdivision is something of an oddity in that there are two sections which are totally separated from one another.

Section 1 of Brookgreen encompasses 10 acres with 20 lots. The streets there are Brookgreen Drive and then two short cul-de-sacs - Green Court and Brook Court. This section, which is accessible from Martintown Road, was built by Riverside Builders, one of the development corporations that was created by W.H. Burkhalter Sr. The initial Brookgreen project was begun in 1973.

Section II includes 26 lots on 9.19 acres. It was developed by Rushton-Cato & Associates under the guidance of Dan Rushton. This section consists only of Shawnee Drive, which is only accessible through the Lakewood Subdivision and Waccamaw Road. Section II was begun in 1981.

Marcus Covar, executive director at Sterling House, bought his first house in Brookgreen. He said the home, built in 1988, had belonged to his uncle, so he purchased it and then went about updating it some. It was a great house," said Covar. "I added new appliances and carpet, an irrigation system and landscaped the yard."

Covar said the nice thing about Brookgreen is twofold. First, he lived on one of the two courts in the neighborhood, and he commented, "I don't think most people even know the street is there." He noted his street was very quiet. "Most people never go down that road." Second, Brookgreen is very convenient.

Covar pointed out that right after he moved there, he took the job at Sterling House. "I couldn't be any closer," he said, adding he could go home for lunch every day.

He also said there are 40 or 50 undeveloped acres behind the house he had in Brookgreen. Covar, who has since married and moved to Woodstone, said he could sit on his deck in Brookgreen each evening and be joined by 15 or more deer, even though the subdivision is so close to town.

He said the undeveloped acreage, the hilliness of the property and the creek down below all meant in Brookgreen he could almost feel like he was in the mountains.

The 46 lots in Brookgreen are single-family in a variety of styles - some single-story, some multiple stories and all with sidings that include board-and-batten, vinyl, stucco, brick, etc., built on foundation construction.

The homes were built in a time when the development code of the City of North Augusta did not require sidewalks.

While there are no direct connections to City parks, Brookgreen residents have access to the sidewalk on Martintown Road and can reach the Greeneway from there. In section I of Brookgreen, there are, however, greenspaces in the form of medians in the center of both the courts off Brookgreen Drive.

The only home currently for sale is in Section II of Brookgreen, at 804 Shawnee Drive. The home was built in 1982. It includes four bedrooms and three baths at a cost of $134,900.

Brookgreen homes are zoned for Hammond Hill Elementary, Paul Knox Middle and North Augusta High schools.