Wrinkles for Nov. 1

  • Posted: 11/7/2012 4:21 PM
    6/1/2013 6:28 PM

The white snows of winter, the blazing colors of fall and the new life of spring in the mountains are some of the very favorite things in my life. The mountains have always been a special place for me, and this past weekend, I once again enjoyed the sights and sounds as my son Earl drove me through those hills and valleys to Nashville to view our newest addition, a great-grandson named Cash Williams. With Earl doing the driving chores, I had the opportunity to view the hills and valleys without distraction. The air seemed clearer and fresher as we arrived at their home, nestled in a valley between two small mountains. Mark and Candi were ready with a little bundle to give me as I entered. What a joy is to hold an extension of yourself! Only a few weeks old, he nestled in my arms as I found a rocker nearby to cuddle and rock him. Memories of bygone days of holding and his granddad flashed in my mind as I held him. What a joyful weekend - seeing my beloved mountains, but first and foremost, the joy of holding this perfect child, a great-grandson that God had given to Mark and Candi.

One of my dreams for this child is that he will not ever have to face the disease that breaks the hearts of so many families - Alzheimer's! With the aging of the generations, more families are facing the devastating disease. Everyone has a chance to help patients and families and also the future generations facing this challenge by joining the Walk to End Alzheimer's on Nov. 3 through downtown Augusta. The annual three-mile walk, ending at the Augusta Commons, helps provide educational programs and many services at no cost to the many caregivers. The Alzheimer's Association is the world leader in private funding for research into the causes and possible cure for the disease. Call to register your team and/or send in your donation to end the devastating experience that many families have and will face in the future.

I cannot end this column without remembering a great Southern Gentleman!

There have been and will be many stories and accolades for Dr. "Curly" Watson, but I have my own memories. He and his beautiful wife, Audrey, (who makes the best caramel cake anywhere!) have been gracious hosts to Marion and me in their home, and we will always have special memories of those times. I am not one of those who have memories of long ago, but the memories I have are special. When I first saw Dr. Watson, I was going into Grace UMC. He was always there as an usher and one that always greeted everyone. Being longtime friends, Marion and he would discuss a few things, and he would always turn to me and say, "I read Wrinkles last week, and you did good." The first time he said that, I was so shocked that I could not answer him. This busy, busy man had actually read my little column ... and enjoyed it! Every time I walked into church on Sunday morning, he was there and always said the same thing, sometimes remarking about something I had written. He was never too busy to talk to everyone and kept up with everything in the community. He not only is a legacy for the many important things that he did, but he will always be remembered by the "little person" whom he never forgot! Even at 101, I remember his eyes sparkling as he greeted me with, "I read your Wrinkles, and it was good." There is nothing greater than a "Southern Gentleman," and he was the personification of that title.

"Whatever your talent, use it in every way possible. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke." (Brendan Francis)

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