Wrinkles for Oct. 18

  • Posted: 10/18/2012 11:06 AM
    6/1/2013 6:32 PM

Here we go again. Workers are being laid off; others are trying to find jobs, including graduates, yet taxes are increased and S.C. Electric and Gas is trying to "adjust, change and increase its retail electric rates." If you want to express your opinion and/or outrage, there will be a public hearing in response to the application beginning at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Aiken Technical College Amphitheater, Room 701, 2276 Jefferson Davis Highway in Graniteville. It's your chance to be heard!Mark your calendar for times to celebrate Halloween with the kids. At the North Augusta Living History Park on Oct. 26, it's the Spirits of Hallowed Eve Dinner, followed on Saturday, Oct. 27, with "Everything Pumpkins Scarecrow Contest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the Spirits of Hallowed Eve from 6 until 9 p.m. It's two days and nights of Halloween excitement!

Last week, Margaret and I attended the Belk Ladies' Night Opening, and it was an exciting evening. The following day, I returned with Emilie to purchase an electric blanket (it was not on sale the previous night) and in the parking lot, we noticed that it was 50-50 with car license plates from Georgia and South Carolina. It is nice to note that in previous years, everyone from North Augusta shopped in the Augusta area. Now it's North Augusta's turn. Even at Kroger on Wednesday (Senior day), a large percentage of cars carry the Georgia tags. And the line is always long with out-of-state tags for gasoline.

There's a "why" Wrinkles would like answered. During the vice presidential debates, why did V.P. Biden continuously smile and laugh - and sometimes "smirk"? Does he have a nerve problem, or did he really think answers to serious questions were humorous? It reminds me of events in high school and later in various public meetings when a group of ladies were gathered together. When a beautiful lady arrived on the scene, there were always a few "ladies" who would look at each other with that type of "smile" or "smirk." Is that the only way some people know how to express jealousy? If you have other answers, I sure would like to hear them!

Haven't heard much about how bad the South Carolina ethics laws are. Could we be living in the dark ages regarding legislators and who they work for? If you try to get access to public records, you will find no easy way to find what you may want. And you may be charged large fees to receive information. With the "electronic" world today, this information should be put on line for all to access- at no cost - if there is nothing to hide. It's time to demand that all S. C. State ethics laws be accessible to all for free.

The fight is on again regarding "charter" schools. Could it be that no one truly understands the concept? In my humble opinion, I have never seen a truly good explanation of the difference between a "public" school and a "charter" school. Some people tell me they think it is a way of having tax payers pay for a "private" school for upper income families. If a better explanation of the concept could be forthcoming, more people would probably vote for it.

"Only one life, so live it well, And keep your candle trimmed and bright;

Eternity, not time, will tell The radius of that candle's light." (Miller)

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