Through my eyes: America - Stop apologizing

  • Posted: 10/11/2012 10:08 PM
    6/1/2013 6:33 PM

There is pride, and then there is false pride. I think pride can be identified by the qualities that surround and compose an act that is done out of love and concern, without any thought of personal self aggrandizement or gain. False pride seems to stem from just the opposite - a deed done for the sole purpose of personal gain and notoriety. With that being said, it seems that we are living in a time, in our country, that is bursting with the later.

As you know, our Ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were murdered by mobs on this past Sept. 11, and, at first glance, that attack was blamed on some ridiculous anti-Islamic film produced in this country by a fraudulent producer who was insulting to the prophet Mohammed. That theory has since been proven false, and the attack was a well-planned assault on our consulate in Libya. We, as Americans, should have been - and most of us were - outraged by this out and out hate-filled act on our country. What was the response of our leadership in Washington? Our president apologized for the film. Our Secretary of State apologized for the film! Is it any wonder that radical Islam will test us at every turn in the road, because our country seems to have taken the position that we will ignore the act of murder in favor of not ruffling the feathers of the Islamic and, in particular, the radical Islamic middle east. Is it any wonder that the world wide prestige of America has taken a great fall? Why not a statement from our president saying, "You have attacked the United States, and we will not stand for it,." And instead of moving a couple of Navy destroyers nearer to Libya, he ordered an aircraft carrier there and have fighter jets do a flyover? That may sound entirely silly to everyone who is content to be bullied by the Middle East, first by oil and now by murder; however, a statement needs to be made by our leadership that we, the United States of America, will not stand for this any longer! Israel's Prime Minister was in this country recently, asking for our support in their tenuous position of living under the threat of what most of the world is conceding, that Iran is, from all indications, preparing to put themselves into a position to build an atomic weapon. Iran, being led by a boisterous strong-arm wanna be, has vowed that they want Israel to be blown off the map. How would we like to be in Israel's position, with that threat hanging over our heads! Does our administration, say to Israel, "Don't worry, we have your back!" No, our president does not even meet with Netanyahu, when he was in this country.

Just as our country and our administration had nothing to do with the film disparaging to Muslims, why apologize for it?

Why do we seemingly apologize for being a Christian country, as our President did in saying that the U.S. was not a Christian nation.

I have Christian friends that say they agree with Obama that the U.S. is not a Christian nation, but the context is totally different! My friends are saying our country is not Christian by the way they behave, while the president is saying, due to our welcoming all religions to worship as they please, we are not a Christian Nation. Wow! That astounds me!

However I will go to my grave believing that the United States is a Christian nation, and as our constitution declares "one nation, under God," and that God being the Father of his son, Jesus Christ!