School retirees honored at banquet

  • Posted: 5/19/2013 3:01 PM
    6/1/2013 5:48 PM
School retirees honored at banquet
Those honored at a school district retiree banquet included teachers Wanda Coyle, left, Belvedere Elementary School; and Susan Hien-Bodiford.

Wanda Coyle was raising children before started a teaching career at age 40.

She taught in Florida for three years before moving to the area, teaching another 15 years at Belvedere Elementary School.

“I taught first grade,” Coyle said at the Aiken County School’s retirement banquet in Aiken Monday. “I love it, but I am just tired right now.

She was joined at the banquet by North Augusta Elementary School teacher Susan Hein-Bodiford.

“It’s been 28 years, and I’ve had a great time,” Hein-Bodiford said. “I’ve taught fourth grade for many years, and the kids are wonderful, full of life and ready to learn. They’re a great age to teach.”

“That’s just how I feel about the first-graders,” Coyle said.

A total of 69 retirees were invited to attend the dinner including teachers, administrators, district personnel and school staff members.

Two North Augusta eighth-graders provided vocal selections for the event Skyler Nicks, Paul Knox Middle School; and Kevin Arnold, North Augusta Middle School.

The retirees played important roles in their schools, not matter what their positions have been, said Superintendent Dr. Beth Everitt. The office staffers welcome students and parents to the school every morning. They bring a can-do attitude that sets the tone for the entire school, Everitt said.

The custodians strive to keep a well-kept school, just as they want for their own homes. The administrators bring leadership to the faculty.

“We have teachers here who have reached thousands of students,” Everitt said. “But a teacher is never retired, because wherever you go, you’ll have a former student tugging at your sleeve, saying, Mrs. Smith, I had you in sixth-grade, and you were my favorite teacher.’”

The following retirees are from North Augusta and from the district office and countywide programs:

Adult Education - Dr. Rosa Ishmal

Belvedere Elementary School - Wanda Coyle

Center for Innovative Learning - Joan Lukowski

Hammond Hill Elementary School - Cathy Gaylord

Human Resources - Doris Hickson

Mossy Creek Elementary School - Willie Curry

North Augusta Elementary School - Susan Hein-Bodiford, Laura Murphy

North Augusta Middle School - Donna Bradberry, Jacqueline Young

North Augusta High School - John Bailey, Donna Erman, William Farrow, Dale Groh.

Paul Knox Middle school, Gaye Pappas.