Phragments from Phyllis: A mother’s a mother for the rest of her life

  • Posted: 5/19/2013 3:11 PM
    6/1/2013 5:48 PM

It’s been a week of ups and downs surrounding Mother’s Day.

Liz and Vince came Friday night with baby Pearce. It’s amazing how much a baby changes from week to week. She will be 5 months old on Friday, and she is smiling all the time. If ever something is designed to melt a grandparent’s heart, it is the smiling, along with those precious baby cooing sounds.

We were able to get Liz and Cat and their respective families together a couple of times during the weekend. It’s a delight to see the interaction between 5-year-old Cade and 3-year-old Payton with Pearce. Payton is at the age where she just loves being the “big girl” with the “baby girl” cousin.

Liz and Pearce and I took time out to visit my mother, who perked up at the sight of her newest great-grandchild more than I’ve seen her perk up in two weeks. Perhaps the only downer of the weekend was that MeMo and I were to attend the annual mothers’ luncheon at NHC, but she is still dehydrated and so she was hooked up to an IV and couldn’t go to the luncheon.

We went out to dinner with Liz and Cat and their families on Saturday night and to brunch on Sunday. On both occasions, the kids were absolutely wonderful. On Saturday, Payton helped her mom entertain the baby while Pearce’s parents ate, and, on Sunday, Cade serenaded Pearce with music from his upcoming school program while we all waited for our meals. She was mesmerized. On both occasions, their behavior was much-appreciated because in both restaurants of our choosing, the service was terrible. In fact, on Sunday, Cat finally complained when our server had not come anywhere near our table for more than an hour – with others finally taking up her slack to bring utensils, refills, etc. In fact, we had our food long before we had flatware with which to enjoy the food. The only good news was that the food was delicious, and the manager eventually credited our bill with more than half off. While I normally try to go with the flow, it was impossible for me to be quiet when the server did find time to bring the check with the disclaimer that she was sorry the food wasn’t to our liking. I replied, “Oh, the food was wonderful ... The service was not.”

But I digress from my otherwise perfect Mother’s Day experience.

Mac had to work and wasn’t able to join us at brunch, but he did come for dinner and some quality time with his niece and nephew, Payton and Cade. (And his girlfriend, Joy, graduated with her master’s as a family nurse practitioner, so it was a busy weekend for them, as well.)

And while the real gift for me was time with my children and grandchildren, my kids also outdid themselves with gifts this year – a collage of precious photos of Pearce, a grandmother’s book that the writer in me looks forward to completing for my grandchildren, and a Keurig. Who knew such a coffee brewer would be so wonderful. In 30 seconds, I can have a fresh-brewed cup of anything from regular coffee to a chai latte or cappuccino. No more coffee that turns to mud over time. Every cup is like that first cup of the morning. Yum.

And as I was basking in the afterglow of my special day, Liz and Pearce both got sick on Monday. Sadly this week Vince was mostly out of town, so Tom has taken over with Cade and Payton to allow me to help out with Pearce and Liz for a little bit.

All of this is a reminder that once you are a mother, that role never fades. No matter how old your children are, you are still the one they turn to in times of trouble.

I am happy to continue to be able to be of service as mom.

I hope your Mother’s Day was as blessed as mine.

P.S. May 16 is Mim Woodring’s birthday. I always think of her on Mother’s Day, in part because her birthday always came so close to this special day, and because she was, in so many ways, like a second mother to me. She is truly missed by many “adopted” sons and daughters. Though she had no biological children, her legacy is great.