Column: Cat of the Keys — Pets love music

  • Posted: 5/12/2013 9:49 AM
    6/1/2013 5:49 PM

At 11:30 a.m., the piano tuner was scheduled to arrive. He was on time, so when the dog barked that someone was at the door, I quickly put the dog into my office and shut the door. My two cats, Bobcat and Tom Clancy, were both sleeping in their beds in my bedroom. I greeted the piano tuner and he quickly got started with his work.

About 1 ½ hours into the piano tuning, I decided to do a few chores in the kitchen. I could see the piano tuner from the kitchen, and I could hear the keys as he was adjusting them.

Every once in awhile, he would play a minute or two of a melody. He was a wonderful piano player, and later he told me that he played for his church.

During one of his melodious arrangements, Tom Clancy came running into the room where the piano was and jumped up on the bench next to the piano tuner. The minute he jumped up, he realized it wasn’t me there but some stranger.

Wow! I haven’t seen Clancy move so fast in a long time.

He is 13 years old and set in his ways. However, in saying that, he has jumped up on the piano bench almost every time I have sat down to play.

He was just 4 weeks old when I got him, so that is a long time for a cat to enjoy the musical sounds. Sometimes when he was sitting next to me, he would put both paws on my arm to let me know he enjoyed my playing. Sometimes he would even stand up on his hind legs and try and lick my cheek as if to tell me I was doing a good job.

After his encounter with the piano tuner, he kept peeking around the door to see just what was going on. He didn’t venture into the room where the piano was, but he was very curious as to who was sitting on the bench.

After the piano tuner left, Clancy went over to the piano, smelled around the base of the piano and then jumped up on the bench. With one paw extended he proceeded to push down on one key, as if to try it out to see if it was in tune. It just happened to be middle C.