Downtown developments: Downtown developments: Blue Jays and remembering Jeanne McDaniel

  • Posted: 5/5/2013 11:35 AM
    6/1/2013 5:49 PM

Blue Jay delight

Thirteen years ago, my neighborhood was ripe with Blue jays.

They are beautiful birds, but they are also loud, obnoxious and mean to other birds. Somewhere along the line, they just disappeared, and it has been years since I have seen any until this past week – a pair of them were hanging out in our back parking lot, but they did not stay long.

My work mates viewed me as a bit nuts for getting so excited about seeing them, but, to me, it was exciting. After doing some research on what attracted them to an area, I found that they love acorns (at least that is what the going opinion is), and I thought then that I should have flocks of them because I am constantly sweeping up acorns.

Maybe they do not like our kind of acorns, or maybe they just do not know they are here. No matter, suffice it to say I was very happy to see them and hope they return in numbers.

Remembering Jeanne McDaniel

Let me reiterate some of the thoughts others have already expressed and relate a few of my own thoughts and experiences with the late Jeanne McDaniel.

What a lovely lady she was. I became associated with her when I worked at Lookaway and Rosemary Halls. She was always a lady – always proper in her speech and her manners even when I wondered how she could be so gracious when dealing with some of the situations she faced when visiting there.

Jeanne took the time to teach me the proper way to serve and prepare tea. She taught me numerous things about the Halls and their previous owners so that I could pass that knowledge on to visitors. She took great care of the donations some of the original family members had given us for display and prominently placed them in the museum.

Jeanne was a fountain of information about the origins of our city and the magnificent plans it had from the very beginning. I did have occasions to see Jeanne a few more times, but, like most of us, we move on. Sometimes our associations with people are left by the wayside. I know my life is a bit richer for having known her, and North Augusta should be proud she called it home.