News from Hammond Hill

  • Posted: 4/27/2013 12:58 PM
    6/1/2013 5:51 PM

On April 16, all of the third-graders at Hammond Hill Elementary visited the Statehouse and the State Museum of South Carolina. The third-graders had a blast and learned so much about South Carolina’s history.

Mrs. Harrell, a third-grade teacher, said the students got to go on a guided tour and learn about the Hunley, Best Friend Express, Fort Moultrie and the Civil War at the museum. They also participated in a scavenger hunt to learn more about South Carolina’s history at the Statehouse where Mrs. Harrell’s students were lucky enough to take a picture with Rep. Bill Hixon. Sen. Tom Young was also available to meet the students.

In an interview, Chase Tillman stated that his favorite part at the State Museum was “watching the Civil War movie in 3D.” Also interviewed was Drew Stevens, who said his favorite part was the Hunley. It sounds like an adventurous trip.