March 28 blotter

  • Posted: 3/30/2013 5:30 PM
    6/1/2013 5:54 PM

• Two black iPhones were stolen in a shoplifting incident at a variety store on Knox Avenue March 19. The items, valued at $1,198 combined, were taken by a couple who left in a "small, four-door white car." The man and woman were each described as black, 18-25 years old and having visited the store together twice earlier that day.

• A North Augusta teenager is a suspect in a case of driving under the influence, in the aftermath of a March 19 wreck at Hollis Avenue and Curtis Drive. The suspect and his car both smelled of marijuana, and the suspect had bloodshot, watery eyes and was laughing at passing traffic. He failed sobriety tests and would not submit to a urine test.

• A burglary occurred on Rosemary Lane in the March 13-18 period. Stolen were a 9 mm derringer, a Nintendo DS computer and a .410 shotgun, with a combined value of $520.

• A vehicle break-in occurred March 18 on East Buena Vista Avenue, with $762 in items being stolen. A North Augusta man is a suspect. Among the items stolen were a silver-colored ring, a purse, cash and a wedding ring set.

• A residence on Sikes Avenue was the scene of a March 19 report of cruelty to animals, involving a dog that was on a line that had become wrapped around a power pole's guide wire, causing the dog to have trouble breathing and have no access to water, food or shelter. A neighbor offered to free the dog, but the responding officer advised against it, due to the dog's aggressive behavior. Once released by the neighbor, the dog bit the neighbor and ran away.