Student column: Bees Buzz by By Graycen Sanders and Lia Murphy

  • Posted: 3/23/2013 3:30 PM
    6/1/2013 5:55 PM

"Rock Around the Clock," was recorded by Bill Haley and the Comets in 1954, just one year after our school, Hammond Hill Elementary, was built. On Friday, March 1 at our Father Daughter Sock Hop, all of the girls and their daddies twisted and twirled to this popular '50s song, along with a jukebox full of others.

Even before the dance started, all of the girls were excited. Some put on sparkly makeup. Others grabbed scarves and tied them around their necks or in their hair. Many girls wore poodle skirts or Pink Lady jackets. Several girls brushed their hair into beautiful ponytails, while others wore their hair down. Saddle Oxfords and tennis shoes with bobby socks covered their feet.

On the night of the dance, as soon as we walked through the double doors, silver streamers tickled our faces. We gasped at the beautiful sight of the pink Chevrolet board sitting neatly on the stage. When we stepped on the stage, we felt like we had drifted back in time because there was a life-size soda shop complete with a checkered floor. Some moms, teachers, and a few dads were still decorating. At 7 p.m., girls and their daddies flooded through the doors. Girls talked to their friends and dads talked to other dads until it was time to dance.

As we danced, the shimmering lights covered the dance floor and the dancers with small sparkles of light. During breaks, we used our dance cards to get our pictures taken and buy ice cream sundaes. Parent volunteers punched holes in our dance cards.

Dads were dressed as ivy leaguers or greasers. Ivy leaguers wore their "preppiest" attire. Greasers wore their hair greased back, white T-shirts and rolled up jeans. Some Greasers wore leather jackets.

Even some of the food was like a blast from the past. Girls and their daddies enjoyed ice cream sundaes made by Bruster's. It was like being at a real soda shop!One of the highlights of the night was Mr. Hillary, Mrs. Kight and Mrs. Turner taking the stage and showing off their best singing and dancing moves. All of the guests enjoyed a good laugh. As we blasted to the past, everyone at HHE had a rocking good time!