Bookings for North Augusta, March 1-8

  • Posted: 3/16/2013 4:20 PM
    6/1/2013 5:55 PM

These are the bookings recorded by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety for the dates of March 1-8. Some of the people may not have spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty.

March 1:

Jennifer Ashlee Barnes, 22, simple assault

Margaret Elizabeth Bafford, 18, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)

Jamar Capri Taylor, 24, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)

March 2:

Craig Allen Redd, 20, disorderly conduct

Michael Jonathan Ivey, 21, public drunkenness

Byron Markell Harris, 32, driving under the influence (first offense)

William Douglas Grooms, 25, driving under suspension

Pamela Ann Gibson, 51, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

March 3:

Rebecca Lynn Baldowski, 25, driving under the influence (third offense), simple possession of marijuana

March 4:

Precious Tequila Dobey, 28, breach of trust (less than $2,000)

Catherine Tkeyah Washington, 20, breach of trust (less than $2,000)

Latoya Miranda Jackson, 31, breach of trust (less than $2,000)

James Austin Cooper, 21, driving under suspension, driving under the influence, failure to stop for blue lights and siren

Amber Gail Guzman, 32, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

James Martin Robinson, 53, public drunkenness

David Henry Malpass, 24, giving false information to a police officer, shoplifting (less than $2,000, third or subsequent offense)

March 5:

Deraine Cliatt-Sanders, 45, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense), bench warrant

Mark Allen Thomas, 30, disorderly conduct

Priscilla Ann Hazel, 27, disorderly conduct

March 6:

Anthony Scott Deese, 38, commitment warrant, failure to appear in court

Cheritt Lashona Butler, 22, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)

March 7:

John David Hearn, 19, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

Debra Kay Scott, 48, held for another agency