WRINKLES: Subscribers make lasting impressions

  • Posted: 3/9/2013 4:27 PM
    6/1/2013 5:57 PM

It is so amazing when we hear from readers of the Star newspaper from so many other cities and states.

There's the lady from Columbia who remains a subscriber to the Star and comments on our stories, and the online readers located in Greenville, Anderson, Charleston, Kentucky and Tennessee. Another Star subscriber is former North Augusta resident, Geneva Knox Larson.

Geneva is the daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Paul Knox, who many residents of North Augusta have many fond memories of. Mr. Knox was at one time the superintendent of schools in North Augusta, and the couple participated in many events and activities in the area.

Geneva is also the lady who we wrote about previously in "Wrinkles" that E.J. and Shirley Holgate arranged to have the METTS group visit on one of our trips upstate.

Geneva and her husband Bob entertained the group at their beautiful mountain home and then invited the entire group for lunch at their country club. It is located on top of one of the mountains with a breath-taking view overlooking Greenville. It was a METTS trip we will always remember!

This week, after hearing about the death of Marion, I received one of the most poignant and beautiful notes from her.

For reasons unknown, her note reminded me of something I read in previous years, and I would like to share it with you. It is called "Windows of the Soul."

"They say the eyes are a window to the soul ... through them we see the past, present and future. In the eyes of the old, we see knowledge and life ... the knowledge of things that were and things yet to be. We see life as it was, full of love and sorrow, full of understanding, yet also innocence.In the eyes of the young, we see tomorrow. We see their hopes and their dreams. Their fears of who they are and who they will be.

In the eyes of men we see pride and a need to be loved. We see the burden of family and the little boy yearning to be free.

In the eyes of women, we see determination and fear of a world full of harsh realities. We see a Mother's love and a daughter's devotion. We see passion, fire and pride from within.

Yes, the eyes are definitely a window to the soul. But just like with any window, you see something different each time you look in." - Unknown

Geneva also enclosed this anonymous note: "And life is eternal, And love is immortal, And death is only a horizon. And a horizon is nothing but the limit of one's sight.

Death is not extinguishing the light.It is putting out the lamp. Because the dawn has come."