Wrinkles: The many forms of hello and goodbye

  • Posted: 3/3/2013 4:25 PM
    6/1/2013 5:57 PM

Everyone has morning rituals. Mine is putting on the coffee, then peeping through the blinds to see if Meow-Meow is awake.As most animal lovers do, we all baby-talk to our pets without realizing it. This was brought to my attention when my son, who had awakened and was standing watching and listening, laughed and said, "You never say all those sweet things to me." Words - we don't realize how much they mean when we speak.Words can make us happy, sad or mad. Words like "hello" denote new, bright, anticipation, a new beginning.There are many "hellos" in our lives. Meeting new people, a new job, a new love, beginning a new marriage or a new career, all uplifting activities.There are many "goodbye's in our lives." Some are caused by betrayal, some just happen due to moving to new locations or a change in lifestyle. And, some take place over time.We all have friendships that we've enjoyed for many years and then an incident happens and we realize we have been betrayed. Our hearts are heavy, but we know it's time to say goodbye. A scar from the incident will remain forever and there may be some communication, but the scar will remain. My father taught me early in life a phrase I'll never forget: "Without trust, there can be no love or respect." And, this applies to all areas of life.If we could all love as our pets love us and as we love our pets - unconditionally - what a great world this would be.That love has presented itself to me in the cards received since Marion's death. The personal messages within the beautiful cards have taken me through the lonely days and dark nights as I read and re-read them again and again.Helen Steiner Rice provides the words in her "Unexpected Miracles:""The unexpected kindness from an unexpected place,"A hand outstretched in friendship, a smile on someone's face,"A word of understanding spoken in an hour of trialAre unexpected miracles that make life more worthwhile -"We know not how it happened that in an hour of needSomebody out of nowhere proved to be a friend indeed -"For God has many messengers we fail to recognize"But He sends them when we need them for His ways are wondrous wise!"So keep looking for an 'angel' and keep listening to hear -"For on life's busy crowded streets you will find God's presence near."