Dolphin Days

  • Posted: 1/24/2013 2:17 PM
    6/1/2013 6:09 PM

Exciting tricks

My year in the fourth grade has been mysterious because my teacher, Mrs. Meyer, has so many fun and exciting surprises in store for me and my class. She really makes us want to learn.

One exciting surprise she had up her sleeve was during one of our writing assignments. She had us explain how to blow a bubble by actually chewing a piece of gum. She said this would help us sequence the steps by writing down exactly what we did in each step. In reading and social studies, we are studying time lines and the American Revolution. So in class, we are creating a time line of the events in the American Revolution and drawing pictures to go along with our time line.

Mrs. Meyer also teaches us other lessons like how to always do the right thing. We collect compliments by doing the right things for other teachers in the building. It forms a chain that hangs from the ceiling, and when it reaches the carpet, we get a special surprise. It is almost touching the ground, and I wonder what our surprise will be.

My favorite part of class is when we have activities on early release days. We have often have P.E., and we get to leave school early. I can't wait to see what Mrs. Meyer has in store for us in 4D.