Rosemary Hall listed by AAA Carolinas as a top hotel

  • Posted: 1/31/2013 10:54 AM
    6/1/2013 6:08 PM
Rosemary Hall listed by AAA Carolinas as a top hotel
Rosemary Inn Bed and Breakfast, on Carolina Avenue, has been recognized by AAA Carolinas as "among the finest hotels and restaurants in the world."

Rosemary Inn Bed and Breakfast, also known as Rosemary Hall, has a fresh accolade to its credit, courtesy of the American Automobile Association.

The AAA Carolinas held a Jan. 14 event to announce South Carolina's winners of four-diamond hotels and restaurants, and Rosemary made the grade.

Kelly Combs, Rosemary's co-owner, said the application process began more than a year ago. "We contacted AAA to let them know we wanted to be a part of their organization ... and see if we could qualify for one of their higher award levels."

Combs and his wife, Diana, own and operate both Rosemary and Lookaway Hall, two of the oldest homes in North Augusta. Rosemary was originally the resident of James U. Jackson, North Augusta's founder, and Lookaway originally housed Walter Jackson, his brother.

Combs said that his contact with AAA representatives led to an inspection of both properties, leading to an assessment that Lookaway would qualify for a three-diamond ranking with "just ... a few things" being addressed. Rosmeary was assessed as on the verge of four-diamond status.

Adjustments included adding second locks to the guest-room doors and putting peepholes in certain doors to allow guests to see out without actually opening the door.

The result, Combs said, was the stamp affirming "high quality appreciated by the experienced traveler."

"It's a level of luxury," he added.

The AAA list included some hotels with decades of four-diamond status, such as Charleston Place Hotel (21 years) and the John Rutledge House Inn, also in Charleston (24 years).

New to the hotel list are Cuthbert House Inn, in Beaufort, and Greenville's Marriott.

Among the restaurants with the longest four-diamond standing are The Rhett House Inn, in Beaufort (18 years), and three in the Charleston area: Planters Inn (18 years), The Boardwalk Inn at Wild Dunes Resort (15 years) and HarbourView Inn (14 years). New on that list is Passion 8 Bistro, in Fort Mill.

Details on Rosemary and Lookaway are available at 426-1546 (or and 426-1030 (or, respectively.