Don't get me STARted for Nov. 22

Please give BullChicks another chance

A quick look at their website will tell you that the burgers come with a special sauce - along with lettuce, tomato and onion. I decided to call and ask about the special sauce. I was told the sauce was a blend of mustard and mayonnaise. I don't like mayonnaise, so I ordered my blue cheese burger all the way except sauce - three times. Each time, I got sauce. New place, new employees, I let it slide the first two times. The third time I sent the burger back, but I also called and spoke to the manager on duty. I explained the situation, also saying I hoped the restaurant would remain open, but that his employees had to do better. And, I asked if I was somehow not making it clear how I wanted my burger. He was very polite and thanked me for my call. Said he would talk to the workers. My blue cheese burgers have been great since then. Service at the window is not the best, but I think that's due to understaffing. As for the fries, they have been hot and seasoned well to yucky and cold. This is true of every fast food place I've ever had fries! By the way, my daughter turned me on to the Philly cheese burger (not to be confused with the Philly cheese sandwich, which is really good, too). It's to die for. And, I eat it with the sauce!

'Run-of-the-mill' politician?

I am on S.C. Sen. Tom Young's e-mail list. The last e-mail from Sen. Young stated that now he would stop sending his weekly e-mail up-dates and start sending them every other week. The citizens of Aiken County, especially those of us concerned about the school buildings, should see this as your typical, "run-of-the-mill," politician. If the parents, students and all citizens of Aiken County continue to be apathetic and complacent about school buildings and other matters that are controlled by the SC legislature, then I will say, "We have done a greatly negative injustice to our students and teachers!"

Cash only in a debit-card world?

I recently visited a North Augusta down-home eatery for the first time in a while. And it will probably be my last. A group of us gather at various restaurants throughout town, and it was this particular eatery's turn. When we started to check out, and I started to pull out my credit card, the server pointed to an unobtrusive sign on the door that says "No credit or debit cards." How can that be? In a world where no one carries cash anymore, I am amazed. The server made some noise about the 3 percent charge to the restaurant to process the card transactions. That should be a part of doing business. Trust me, I won't be going back.