Editorial: Promise for the future

The recent release of the 2012 school report cards shows positive strides being made by North Augusta High School, as well as other area schools.

The school went from "average" to "excellent" in its absolute score - jumping over "good" in the process, and in the growth score, which indicates improvement in various subgroups at the school, moved from "at risk" to "excellent, skipping over "average" and "good."

Principal Todd Bornscheuer called the report card a "validation of the staff's hard work." He noted the new Freshman Academy comes out of more than two years of careful research and planning - with many innovations learned along the way applied to the school's educational process before the Freshman Academy became a reality.

The faculty of NAHS has enthusiastically embraced a multitude of interventions in order to better serve a truly diverse school population.

The results of the teachers' hard work is evident in the report card as well as in the steady rise in graduation rate. While 80.3 percent graduating last year is not where the school ultimately wants to be, the efforts at the school are definitely showing real growth.

At the same time other schools in Area 2, including nearby Fox Creek High School, likewise showed the type of positive efforts being made at those schools. We commend the successes of all the schools and encourage all of the North Augusta schools to strive to continue the trend.