Downtown developments for Nov. 22

It seems I was misinformed and wrote an untruth in a recent column. Lookaway Hall, according to the owners, is not for sale. I deemed my source reliable, he/she is in the real estate business, but I did not double check my facts, or lack thereof, as I should have. I do apologize for not doing my job properly and for any problems this may have caused.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what goes on around us that we fail to appreciate where we live as much as we should, or we fail to express it to everyone's satisfaction. Nothing makes me appreciate where I live anymore than making a trip across the Savannah River for any length of time, and this week was no exception. It has been so long since I was on I-20 past Washington Road that my heart raced when I saw what I had to drive over to reach Bobby Jones Expressway. I thought I was in Atlanta at Spaghetti Junction, which I try to avoid at all costs because it makes me crazy and dizzy, and it is scary to me. I went over to a food show at the Doubletree Inn, but as soon as I saw that mishmash of highway, I was about to panic. Fortunately, they have everything well-marked, making it difficult to make a mistake going where you have to go, but I still did not like it. The food show was a collection of vendors with samples and information about the different products they sell, and I tasted a few very good things and some not- so-good things and one thing I can't get out of my mind, which means I probably will have to try to duplicate it or order it, one or the other. It took a bit over an hour to go through all the displays and speak with the sales reps, then it was back in the car, dreading getting back in that mass of traffic and on that concrete. Turns out it was no problem getting home, and I must say I was very, very glad to be back in North Augusta, where the pace is slower and the living is easier, and there are no towering roads to confuse the issue. As soon as I was off I-20, the tension went out of my shoulders; I was so glad to be home. It will take a lot to get me back over the river again; being in North Augusta makes me happy.