The Creek speaks for Oct. 25

On being vice president

I am the vice president of Student Council at Mossy Creek Elementary. My position is a lot like that of the vice president of the United States. The U.S. vice president has the second highest position in the country, but many people do not know a lot about this position. Here is a closer look at the vice president.

The first, vice president is picked by a presidential candidate. Once the are picked, they campaign as much as possible to get the presidential candidate elected. The reason this happens is because the vice presidential candidate is partnered on the ballot with the presidential candidate that chose them. People may not vote for them separately. So, if the presidential candidate does not win, the person chosen for vice president does not win either.

If elected, the vice president must know the president's job. They must be ready to be the acting president if anything happens to the president. Thirteen vice presidents have taken over. Eight took over because the president died.

The Constitution of the United States assigns the vice president to act as presiding officer of the Senate. If there is an unusual tie in the Senate's votes, the vice president makes the final vote to break the tie.

The vice president is also the president's ceremonial assistant. They must attend parties, dinners and other ceremonies if the president is not able to make it to the event.

This is a closer look at the vice president's main jobs, which is also related to my job as the vice president of Mossy Creek's Student Council.


In fifth grade, we are learning about D.A.R.E. In D.A.R.E., an officer comes in every week and teaches us about the effects of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol. Lung cancer is a disease that can be caused by smoking tobacco. D.A.R.E. officer also teaches us about what you say or do when someone is trying to get you to smoke or drink alcohol. This is called peer pressure. D.A.R.E. is a good class because we learn about how alcohol and tobacco are bad for your body.

In D.A.R.E., we also learn about positive and negative consequences. Some of the positive consequences are rewards and accomplishing something. A positive consequence of choosing not to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco is that my body will be healthy. Negative consequences are when you get in trouble or failing. A negative consequence of choosing to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco is that you can get a disease called cancer. I am glad I am learning how to make the right choices.

Respect week

What do you know about respect? The definition of respect is: an aspect\consideration for someone\to have a good opinion of someone, to look up to. This past week at Mossy Creek Elementary School, we had Respect Week, where we did fun activities and programs to help us learn more about how to respect others!

Do you know what respect is? Well I am going to tell you about it. Respect is being polite, using manners, and being kind to others. When you show respect you will get it back. If you choose not to show respect then you won't get it back. That is why you always need to show respect.

All you need to know is to show respect to everyone.We recently had Respect Week at Mossy Creek Elementary School. Respect is very important. Trust me, you will find it very useful. Respect Week was awesome and I am going to tell you all about it.

On Friday, Oct. 12, our class was asked to go down to the cafeteria for an assembly. Some of the kids in the class, including me, did not know what the assembly was about, so we asked our teacher. She said it was for Respect Week, and that we would really like this assembly. When we get down to the assembly, I notice the awesome, amazing, cool Team Impact. He gave a great message about respect and showed us cool ways to show respect. It was awesome! He also did some stuff that required a lot of strength like bending a metal bar, breaking a wooden baseball bat and ripping open a phone book. All of this was to show us how people do not show respect and how we can be dream makers, instead of dream takers.

I hope you enjoyed having me tell you about one aspect of our Respect Week at Mossy Creek. We also sent out Respect Grams to teachers and had cool lessons about Respect. It was a great week at the Creek.