Wrinkles for Oct. 25

Sick of politics yet? Sick of those negative and "pointing-the-finger" ads? Just a couple of more weeks, and we can return to some type of normal - maybe. This has been the ugliest, name-calling election, locally and nationally, that I have ever lived through. Is it money, is it prestige, or is it power that consumes those running for office to act like idiots? It would be good to just see one politician stand up and say what he will do in office, if elected, to help his constituents to better their lives and not throw dirt on his/ her opponent! The ghosts and goblins at Halloween will be a relief from these "goons."

Noticed at the grocery store on Wednesday, Seniors' Day, that some of the items that I purchase weekly had increased in price from $1 to $2! The reassessment process increased our property tax, groceries have increased in price, gasoline is the highest ever, and items that are necessary, such as electricity, telephones, property, water, all are not only taxed but the extra "fees," etc. add up on one of our statements this month to $12 on one statement! And South Carolina Electric and Gas is asking for another increase evidently for us to pay for their improvements. The "protest" time is Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Aiken Tech Amphitheatre, Room 701 at 6 p.m.! We are told that there are more people unemployed, some giving up on finding a job after many months, and yet, all these "necessary" items are either taxed more or have increased in price. Why is it that politicians, when campaigning, always say they will reduce taxes, etc., and when elected, do the same as the old politicians and think of ways to spend more of our money! And in South Carolina, our legislators do not even have to disclose who they work for or how much they are paid. Some may even work for private companies who will be helped financially by the laws the politicians vote on. Secrecy breeds corruption, so it's time for some fresh air to blow in the South Carolina State House!

Want a little relief from politics? You can hear Mayor Lark Jones speak about "Normandy" at the Heritage Council of North Augusta meeting on Nov. 13 at the North Augusta Community Center. And at North Augusta Living History Park on Oct. 27, there will be a "Everything Pumpkins Scarecrow Contest" from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., followed by the "Spirits of Hallowed Eve" from 6 till 9 p.m. Starting on Nov. 9, the Ft. Gordon Dinner Theatre presents "Harvey," a comedy classic at 7 p.m. Shows also on Nov. 10, l6, l7, 30 and Dec. 1. And be prepared to be dazzled at "Festival of Trees 2012" in Aiken at the Fermata Club, Nov. 21 through 25 - all to benefit a great cause, Meals on Wheels!

We argue politics, we criticize government, we gripe about increases, but when we look at other countries, the way the people must live, the dictatorships, the hardships, we are truly blessed in this country. We can speak freely about politics, about our government. Women have many opportunities now, and our children are actually spoiled with luxuries. God has been with America, and at one time America has been with God. Let's return to that time!

"Life without God is like a pencil that has not been sharpened - it has no point!"

To reach Mary Cashon Jones, email mradacj@aol.com or call 279-8704.