The Growl for Oct. 18

This week in weekly reader, students were asked, "Should the school day be longer?" In my opinion, I think that kids should not have to stay longer than we already do. I think that would be unfair. Read on to see why I think the school day should not be longer.

The first reason the school day should not be longer is that kids have short attention spans, and don't need to sit at a desk longer than they already do. They would go crazy and so would the teachers. A person can only pay attention for so long.

The second reason is that kids need family time, too. Kids have to help with chores.

The third reason is that education is not just found at school. It is found at other places like learning to play football where you have to learn cooperation. Kids also learn how to get along with others and how to be a friend.

In conclusion, the school day shouldn't be any longer because a kids can only pay attention for only so long, education doesn't just come from school and because everybody needs time at home with their family. Making the school day longer would be crazy.