Through my eyes: Let's catch up on a couple of things

As witnessed by the above title, we have some catching up to do.

Most of you know from previous columns that the Nelson family (Ozzie, Harriet, David and Rick) were very close to my heart, and I certainly appreciate the generous response you showed regarding my time with the Nelsons who, by the way, referred to themselves as my California family, and as I did also.

Let me now introduce you to Sheree Homer, who has authored a book on Rick's life that I found to be honest and engaging, taken from the time he was a child actor on the family series until that tragic day when we lost this American "idol" if you will. Sheree is a journalist who has her own music magazine and is a contributor to various musical publications.

"Rick Nelson Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer" is the title of this well-written account of Rick's life. It is not yet in the book stores but can be purchased online through Barnes and Noble's website. I think it will be in your local book stores in December.

As I said, it is an honest look at Rick's life, his talent and his family. (She even quoted me correctly.) Put this book on your Christmas list for all of your friends who grew up with the Nelsons, They will love it!

The vice presidential debate

By the time you read this, you will have formed your own opinion on this less-than-stellar performance by V.P. Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee. I just want to be honest here and say that the sneering, smirking, interrupting, obnoxious performance by Joe Biden was extremely hard to watch. I don't care whether you are a staunch Democrat, but you could not be happy with his demeanor. To say it was ungentlemanly and gross is an understatement, certainly not befitting the office he holds. If that kind of discussion was held in a bar, there would be a fist fight. Whereas Biden has participated in national debates before, this was Ryan's first, and it looked as if he was prepared to play by all the rules - keep within your time limit, do not interrupt your opponent, wait for your turn - which he did very well. Ryan did so well that, at one point, he said to Mr. Biden, "I think the nation would like to see us debate without interruption," or words to that effect. To which the vice president failed to heed. This led to Ryan beginning to make interruptions of his own, but his salient points earlier in the evening were so glazed over by the antics of Biden that they were not as effective as they should have been. Only in the closing statement was Ryan able to come across as the problem solver that he and Gov. Romney purport to be. Too bad there isn't a second debate between these two, because I would imagine Ryan would not be timid about calling Biden out on his interruptions. That was the moderator's job, but she did not insist on playing by the rules.

By the time you read this, there will have been another debate between President Obama and Gov. Romney. You must all agree that the first win went to Romney, so I think you can expect more from Obama this time around, as he looked extremely uncomfortable in the first event. Be that as it may, you are the judge. You must decide on what you want. Do you want four more years of what you have received, or do you care to pay attention to the change in plans put forth by Gov. Romney?

It is all up to you and to me!