Letters to the editor for Oct. 18

Agrees with letter on Sen. Lindsey Graham

I am writing to say I enjoyed reading Mr. Bill Thweatt's Letter to the Editor comments in last week's Star.

Though I did not attend the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce forum that included S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham, Mr. Thweatt's observations of him and opinions are similar to mine. During my five year residency of North Augusta and South Carolina, I have come to love and enjoy this state, its conservative values and its belief in America - all beliefs and values I do not believe Senator Graham shares with those who elected him, nor does he do a very good job of representing. Sen. Graham strikes me as a very self-serving individual and seems to have his own agenda to pursue as a United States Senator. His views and political actions are so diametrically opposite his South Carolina constituency that they stand out like a hair in a biscuit. Why he continues to be re-elected is beyond me? During the 2008 national election I voted for one Democrat. That Democrat was the individual who ran against Sen. Graham for Senate. I do not recall his opponent's name but I do remember I voted for them. I appreciate Mr. Thweatt taking the time to write his letter and hope others grow to realize that South Carolinians have better choices for those who represent them.Craig Bannecke

'We deserve better than this,' says writer

I've always wondered why politicians spend so much money to get elected to jobs that really don't pay that much - well, not up front anyway. Apparently there are a lot of folks who don't mind opening up their pocketbooks to help them.

Here's a case in point. I read last week that there's going to be private shindig (a breakfast actually), for vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan up in Greenville. Just to eat breakfast with him in the room will cost $1,000. That must be some mighty good country ham they're having. A special photo secession with Mr. Ryan goes for $5,000. But the biggest deal is a private reception with Mr. Ryan that's $25,000. Now if you're going to go, you'd better hurry up and get a ticket because there's only about a hundred.

I've been looking for a Groupon deal in my email, but I haven't gotten one yet. To top it all off, Mr. Ryan is not going to campaign publicly in S.C. All the money he takes in will be spent in swing states, according to the article. I guess he figures he's got S.C. in the bag, and Ohio is a little more valuable, vote -wise.

Anyway, I figured I could save some money by just going to McDonald's, buying a sausage biscuit and an orange juice and watching Mr. Ryan on one of the big TVs they have. If they're tuned to the FOX channel, I'll get to see him or Mr. Romney about once every 15 minutes. CNBC is the Obama channel (so are NBC, CBS and ABC). Instead of paying $5,000, I'm just going to Photoshop myself in with a picture with Mr. Ryan. I'll just forego the private $25,000 reception. I really don't have anything to talk to him about, unless he likes Clemson football. I'm not a millionaire, I don't own a large corporation, and I can't deliver a whole lot of votes. I'm just one of those middle-class, senior citizens whom he and Mr. Romney want to help. And we need all the help we can get; the whole nation does.

Now before the Republicans gets mad at me, I know President Obama does the same thing to raise money. When he goes to Hollywood, he probably has to carry a bunch of No. 2 size washtubs to collect all the money those movie stars give him before they pass out just from seeing him up close.

But isn't it a shame that electing our public officials is based on who can raise the most money, so they can buy those negative 30-second TV ads? Have you seen the one by Obama featuring Big Bird? Give me a break.

I hate to say it, but it looks like the old saying "We have the best government money can buy " has turned out to be a true statement. Americans deserve better than that.Harry Thomason