Letter: Riverkeeper is a benefit to North Augustans

Riverkeeper is a benefit to North Augustans

Savannah Riverkeeper is an advocacy group that protects the Savannah River and its tributaries from potential sources of pollution, such as industrial pollution and contaminated water run-off from developed areas.

The author says that “they (SRK) do a lot of projects, but nothing specific.”

SRK is involved in removing trash, debris, navigation hazards, derelict boats and docks from the river, as well as protecting wetlands in the entire 10,000-square-mile Savannah River Basin.

The river supplies drinking water for many cities and 1.4 million people located in Georgia and South Carolina.

SRK continually monitors water quality in the river as well as in it’s tributaries and takes action to correct any pollution.

Ms. Gibson also states that “none of the (SRK) Board members are from South Carolina.” I have been a North Augusta resident for about 41 years and am a board member. One board member owns, and has preserved permanently, a large amount of riverfront land in South Carolina, and two board members live on the river in Augusta.

The author of the column seems to think that SRK has ulterior motives for not wanting to see more development on the river in North Augusta because we are in cahoots with some business entities in Augusta.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Protecting our river, or any river, transcends state boundaries, as well as politics and economic issues.

Concerning our involvement with the stadium, SRK didn’t stop it. The citizens, and their desires to not rob their educational tax monies to pay for the stadium, stopped it.

But have no doubt that Riverkeeper will always know what projects are planned for our waterways and will always do everything in its power to protect our citizens right to enjoy fishable, drinkable and swimmable water.